We no longer have to sit in compliance with what is, 

but create what we wish to be.

  Tomorrow is a new day, and with it we should have the opportunity to create the space we want to work in. In offices, homes, and coworking spaces, we can offer more choice to everybody and change how work while feeling connected to the people and the space around us. With Open Space we can hope to see users build their workspace, and  find their individuality within the larger community around them. In any space everybody can have the ability to choose their place, and not have it predetermined for them. Move with ease, arrange at your leisure, and interact with your space as you please. 

Where are we working tomorrow? 

  The universal workstation that offers an instant personal workplace wherever you bring it, and elements to help make sure you can create a space that feels like yours.

  A combination of seating, a personal desk, and storage, Open Space provides everything that is needed to get to work. Always ready to go where it needs to, and sturdy when it arrives, this is the on-demand workspace. With a built in power supply to keep laptops charged through the entire day, trying to find a outlet won’t dictate where you work here. Open Space’s locking system is also NFC enabled, letting you tap your phone and instantly make a universal piece just for you. You can lock and unlock as you please, you’ll never have to ask a stranger to watch your laptop when you run to the bathroom. Just tap it, roll it, sit down and get to work.

Full Process Book Download  Here

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