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Open Space

The universal workstation that offers an instant personal workplace wherever you bring it with elements to make sure you can create a space that feels like yours.

A combination of seating, a personal desk, and storage, Open Space provides everything that is needed to get to work. Always ready to go where it needs to, and sturdy when it arrives, this is the on-demand workspace.

Products on the Shelves

While working as a Product Designs Lead at Wild Eye Designs I've created a number of products for the home that are currently, or have previously, been on sale on the shelves of big-box stores such as Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls.

During the process from start to finish I worked with the clients (& through them their customers), my fellow design team, our factories for product development, & and in the end always checked back with the clients for updates for next time.


Being hands on with my designs is something I've always enjoyed, and with woodworking I become completely enveloped in the tasks I'm doing; let that be building furniture, toys, or anything else that comes into mind.

Having worked in a wood shoppe as a technician for over 2 years I'm both comfortable working in such an environment as well as teaching in it.

UI/UX Design Work

How can we help people not only go out into the world to experience it, but to revel in it and feel a desire to share it with others around them? 

My passion for UX/UI design stems directly from my almost constant desire to work with others, and create designs that no one is excluded from, taking in all avenues and possibilities of approach.

Hi, I'm Reid Howes.

This is my portfolio.

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