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I'm Reid. I'm a industrial designer. 

And I focus on product and experience design.

Who I Am

I'm passionate about what I do first, and directly after that I am an Industrial Designer. I have experience and and six years education in furniture design, architectural planning, interior design, and most notably, product design. I come to my work everyday with a drive solve a problem, by building on what I know and learning from prototyping ideas, and improving on results. The number one constant is I always hope to make someones life better through design and positive solutions.

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What I DO

I ideate, research, explore, and create design solutions to any problem that might need an answer. How can we create a work space in an instant? How can we provide portable seating without sacrificing comfort? What are people interested in next? Every question has an answer and by exploring all the elements we can find the best solution together. I'm always excited to talk about something new, and look forward to challenge that comes my way.

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“Move with the world when it moves you, and help when it doesn't”

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